Complete Acceptance of Myself

So… I’ve debated internally about whether I should speak on this or keep it to myself.

But I’ve been feeling a calling to finally talk about this and bring it all to light for you guys.

So, here I go.

For the past several months, I’ve been on a very strong and steady healing journey. A journey that forced me to uncover things about myself I didn’t like, repair traits of myself that needed extensive repair, and accept qualities of myself that I didn’t know or knew that I possessed.

Some days, I would be okay and in a clearer state of mind. Other days involved extreme isolation, overwhelming anxiety and meltdowns that let my stomach in knots and my mood in a dark, stormy place. I’ve shut myself off from certain people, fought with others and dealt with some troubled personalities that refused to co-exist with mine.

Despite all of that, I learned so much about myself. What my interests and hobbies were. What type of work fulfilled my spirit and ignited passion within me. What beliefs I stood for and how they convinced to keep pushing forward, even on the roughest days and nights.

More importantly, who I truthfully was and if I was living my true, authentic self every single day.

To be honest, that was a hard question to answer because all my life I’ve felt restrained, constricted and ridiculed for simply being who I was and being comfortable with that. But as the months passed, I’m stepping into the person I was all along and getting more comfortable with my flaws.

I was also honoring my gifts and, to this day, deciding what route to take to utilize them to assist others while walking my purpose. Whatever that might be.

I say all of this to say to you that it is time to fully step into the person that I am and fully embrace it. That includes embracing my spiritual beliefs and practicing anything that resonates with me.

Things like tarot and oracle self-readings, candle magic, using herbs and oils for healing, meditation, chakra balancing/healing and so on.

I definitely believe that there is a higher power that is unseen but felt in our lives and I’ve always respected others’ beliefs. But I was putting that at the expense of suppressing my own beliefs and I’m at the point of no longer doing that to myself.

This is who I am and this is what I practice daily. I only wish to use my beliefs and what I practice to help others who may be still navigating through the darkness and lead them to the light at the end of the cave. Even if their caves are long and the darkness is viscous like a smog.

So I can help others start their healing journeys in a similar way I’ve started mine.

If you don’t resonate with any of this, I completely understand and I send nothing but love to you. We are all different and we should accept who we really are, shadows and all. Despite what society and others may tell you.

How have you started to accept yourself more? I would love to hear your story.

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