Restarting an Abandoned Path & Embracing My Creative Soul

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a spirit of an entrepreneur in me. I vividly remember taping a handwritten “sign” between the lamp and the bedroom door and advertised (in a stern way that came off hilariously cute) to the other family members that I was going to be charging money for manicures, pedicures and a third category that I don’t remember well.

When my teen years approached, I remembered opening up a small online shop on Etsy (when it wasn’t over-saturated back then) and selling homemade deodorant, perfume oils, balms and a powder for the body. My initial reason was to combat the harsh ingredients of drugstore products that ravaged my skin and make things that were not just affordable for me, but for everyone else. I pulled in five sales, but ultimately shut it down since people kept pushing me to college.

The point to my little anecdote is back then, I had that spirit in me but I didn’t understand why. I didn’t understand why it brought me such joy to make my own creations. I didn’t understand why I enjoyed saving ripped out magazine pages of people (mostly women) in the spotlight for starting businesses at a young age or following interests that made their souls sing.

I didn’t understand why even when sales weren’t pouring in or views were low, I still kept pushing forward with whatever idea I had started.

So I stopped and put away that entrepreneur spirit deep inside me and allowed life to drag me to multiple places, some good, some horrific.

Come present day. I had just left a seasonal job completely weakened mentally and emotionally from the constant ridicule and jeers thrown at me from every direction. Money was okay, but I knew deep down that I wanted to heal and avoid horrible environments in the future. I decided that the best way to start the healing process was to dive deeply into my creativity and let it consume me for a couple of days.

Those days, I was making soaps, shampoo bars and, as of now, candles. I was getting back into developing the many rolls of film that contained photos waiting to be revealed. I was feeling a lot better and looked forward to creating something new everyday and whipping up new ideas.

My first candle. Not the prettiest…
Three Herbal Motivation shampoo bars!

Then, the voice of that spirit spoke to me. After being locked away for a long time.

Jasmine, why not start your shop again? Your products got great reviews from people and you really enjoy doing what you’re doing. So why not let me out for a change?

So I did. And I’m glad I made that decision.

Back in Maine, I had managed to secure a deal, with a contract included, with the inn owners to sell my products in the cafe near the docks. I took full advantage, created business cards and set up a display ready for the visitors. I even managed to sell a few soaps to some people via word-of-mouth.

The dorm room where I made my creations for the cafe and for myself.
My display in the cafe!

After I left, my products were still being sold at the cafe, but I now have an online shop named Of Eccentric Daydreams that is expanding every single day. For several days, my creative binge has forced me to sketch new designs, write down recipes of new formulas, spend money on ingredients and packaging, and so much more.

Aside from my days in college, I’ve hardly ever been so consumed by the need to create again. Be an artist again. Making beauty products and home creations that people enjoy seeing again.

But I’m so glad I’ve decided to restart this path again and show the younger me that this was one path that I was meant to go.

It just feels like I’ve remembered to breathe again.

Online Shop: Of Eccentric Daydreams

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