2022: The Year of Transition & Renewed Health

2023 is in full swing and I’m coming into it with a renewed mind and a clear spirit. This year is also known as the Year of The Chariot so I’m motivated to move forward with my ideas and visions to bring them into reality.

I didn’t follow my tradition of writing down everything I’ve accomplished in each month, but I did sit down and go through everything I’ve been through in 2022. Everything from the torture that happened to me while in Maine to accepting who I am with no shame.

And you know something? I feel different. Way different than before. Maybe it’s due to hitting the magical middle-age of 30. I’m not sure, but I knew that by taking time to myself before returning to work, I’ve entered a more calmer, mature, happier state of mind. Obviously I slip up from time to time because my journey isn’t perfect, but I’m able to handle everything a lot easier than before.

Some things I’ve accomplished in 2022:

  • I acknowledged that mentally and emotionally, I was NOT okay and left a situation that, if I chose to stay and “push through,” would’ve left me in a dark place.
  • I sought help and support from family and friends while choosing to take a much needed break from everything. I even managed to get on some medication thanks to someone’s advice!
  • I left the restaurant industry and transitioned to another industry that allowed me to work the schedule I wanted while doing a job that, on some days, didn’t feel like work (working at a pet boarding center part-time).
  • Started a small business that included selling my creations in one of the shops on Monhegan Island, Maine (Instagram page, main website)

But the biggest change I made last year?

Choosing to completely accept myself and shine in my spiritual side with no shame whatsoever. Doing this has had the most impact on me and I haven’t felt more at peace in so long.

All of my card decks for personal and future client readings!
“New Year” tarot spread for what I learned in 2022 and what to work on in 2023.

2022 was a year of me realizing that I needed to really make changes and go for what I truly wanted and do what makes me fulfilled, not because I needed to survive. To use my gifts to help others, despite the judgment that may come my way. To accept that this path is not all rainbows and sunshine as there will be dark days ahead, but being strong and acknowledging my feelings will mold me into a better person.

And to be frank with you, I’m SO proud of myself for making these changes. The younger me would be amazed at who I am now.

May 2023 be your year of propelling yourself forward and going for whatever it is that you desire.

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