Graphite Pencil Art | “Banana Duo”

*Image credit goes to Eat This, Not That.*

My creativity has been at a steady flow since I decided weeks ago that I wanted to make soap as a career choice. Not only have I brainstormed so many soap recipes to try, but I’ve been drawing more than before. A visit to a local studio hosted by a local artist only further heightened my creative energy after chatting with the artist about her use of oil paints for her various paintings.

This drawing is the last of the four drawings I challenged myself to complete for the entire year. My subject was going to be another fruit, but I was torn between drawing a dewberry based on the many dewberry (or blackberry?) bushes I’ve seen on the hiking trails or a banana from whatever source was available. The artist suggested the banana due to me mentioning that I prefer subjects that allow me the chance to let my shading depict the shape of them and I’m happy she did!

I quickly found a picture of a banana on the internet and decided to start the drawing at the artist’s studio instead of in the room I was staying in for the season. Getting the shape of the banana was rather easy once I figured out how long and how thick (no innuendo here; don’t get ideas!) I wanted the fruit to look. To pair with the banana, I previously wanted to draw some banana slices, but after attempting to shade them or add detail, I deemed it too much and settled for another banana instead.

When the outline was done, I started shading. Because bananas have a smooth surface, depicting the lighter areas and darker areas was a walk in the park. I actually completed the shading of both bananas in one day, but I saved the peeled area for last because I was still trying to determine how I wanted the exposed fruit to look.

Moving on to the peel and exposed section, I decided to trust my sight and just depict as much of what I could about the texture, shadows and lines along the fruit. There was plenty of erasing, blending and shading, but I eventually finished and stepped away from the drawing to view the final results.

Overall, I love the results that came out of this! The bananas do look realistic and the exposed portion of the peeled banana came out a little better than what I wanted. It doesn’t look as realistic as the rest of the drawing, but it’s okay.

Plus, I’m happy that I completed the challenge of making four drawings in one year! I’m getting better and better the more I draw and it shows.

2 thoughts on “Graphite Pencil Art | “Banana Duo”

  1. Great graphite pencil work! I know I should carve out time to draw better like this, but I am always so thirsty for color when I have time to make art. Maybe someday!


    1. Thank you! The best I can tell you is to carve out time for yourself to draw and just do it. Just sit down, take out your tools and do it. The more you draw, the better you get. That’s been the case with me and it shows. You can do it!


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