Review | 4C Only Hair Care

I’ve been on a journey of trying to take better care of my hair and I was getting really tired of dropping tons of money on products I never finished or simply didn’t work. Plus, I wanted to support more Black-owned businesses since I felt like some of them weren’t really get much attention these days.

So after viewing another video of a hair care routine, I stumbled across a name of a brand I’ve never heard of before: 4C Only. After doing some research (like I always do before making a decision), I discovered that this was another Black-owned hair care brand that focused entirely on the 4C hair type. This hair type isn’t well received by some people and I rarely see it represented properly in the media. I certainly did not have the hair texture myself, but my hair was definitely in the Type 4 range. Plus, after bleaching it once a year and coloring it, my hair was dry and in need of some TLC, so why not?

So after reading the reviews and pooling my money together, I purchased three products from the brand. The collection available (named the Too Easy Collection) contains a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and styling cream. I only purchased the shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner because I almost never use styling creams, gels, pomades, puddings or whatever for my afro. I’m lazy and low maintenance when it comes to my hair, so I’m not big on styling everyday.

The first thing that pleased me was all of the products packaged in jars. I love being able to scoop out however much I needed instead of straining my small hands squeezing a bottle or using a pump. It’s just more convenient for me and I tend to err on the messier side when it came to caring for my hair. I’m barbaric, I know…

Anyway, all three products came in jars and each one smelled like a freshly picked peach that was cut open and savored. There was a hint of perfume-like sweetness underneath, but the peach smell was pleasing to my senses.

So let’s get to the products, shall we?

The Too Clean Shampoo comes in a 12 oz jar and it’s a creamy, viscous shampoo that contains both argan oil and aloe vera. Due to its viscosity, it doesn’t take much to get this shampoo to lather up. I just needed to section my hair and get each section super soaked with warm water. Plus, my hair is thin and on the finer side, so that was easy to do.

Despite it being thick, it spread very well through my hair and with some extra water, it turned into a creamy, bubbly mess that cleaned my hair and scalp very well! It was also very easy to rinse out and I felt no residue or dryness afterwards.

I’ve been gravitating towards shampoo bars, but if I ever need a break from those and want to use a liquid shampoo, this would be the one I would use. Just make sure you have softer water; I did have a bit of trouble lathering up in harder water. It depends on your location.

The Too Thicke Deep Conditioner contains grapeseed oil, aloe vera and slippery elm extract. The consistency is super thick (as if the name didn’t give it away) like somewhere between cake frosting and cream cheese.

This is my favorite out of the three products because of how good this is! Again, I don’t need much since my hair is thin, but even with a nickel-sized amount, this stuff spreads well and detangles my hair with ease. I don’t have a comb, so I used my fingers and it still got the job done. I was worried that it wouldn’t spread well due to me having that issue in the past, but nope! No issues whatsoever!

After slapping and smoothing this on, I wrapped my hair up and put on my Hot Head cap and allowed my hair to marinate in the heat for an hour. It is recommended to only do this for 15 minutes with heat, but we’re talking TLC for colored, bleached kinky hair here. So I went above and beyond.

When I rinsed it out under lukewarm water, my hair felt super soft, fragrant and healthy! Plus, it smelled great and there wasn’t much hair loss either! A win-win in my book! This is right up there with the Afro-Tastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat from Soultanicals (another favorite of mine!) and I’ll definitely keep this in stock when I have more money to spend!

The Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner has a much smaller ingredient list, but it contains squalane and slippery elm extract. The texture feels like a cross between a chunky gel and a pudding, so I didn’t get much on my finger when I tried to scoop it out. But it was okay.

This stuff is great as a leave-in and I usually apply a dime to nickel-sized amount to each section before sealing it in with oil. It gives plenty of slip while smoothing on and it sinks in easily, so I didn’t need much. Plus, it left no residue on my hair strands.

But this product, in my opinion, shines the most for me when I use it as a daily hair moisturizer! All I have to do is dampen my hair with water, apply this stuff, seal with oil and I’m finished! My hair still comes out soft and this product prevents me from buying another product just for daily moisture. A two-in-one, so to speak and I LOVE having a product that can be used for different functions.

All in all, these three products are a winner in my book and I can definitely see myself splurging on these when I run out or if I wish to treat myself! They work amazing and since I’ve been using them (along with heat for my hair strands), there has been less fallout and more moisture. Give these a try; you’ll at least like two or three out of the four products!

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