Morning Hike to Little White Head

Another day off, another opportunity for exploration of an unknown area. After filling my belly with a warm breakfast, I wondered what trails on the island I haven’t taken yet. I thought about getting the map from my room, but I decided against it. I wanted this next place to be found by simply following a path and not by using instruments to get to a particular destination.

I then remembered about one path that I passed on my way to Black Head and I made a mental note to see where it lead to. Today was the perfect day to follow said trail as the weather was pleasant enough for a hike. I changed clothes, packed my bag with the necessary items, grabbed my water bottle and headed off towards the path next to Monhegan School.

This morning was different due to the forest being a lot quieter than usual with hardly any insects buzzing about. There were also hardly any morning hikers nearby and I smiled at the thought of having an area to myself for exploration. My ears soaked up the silence as I continued along the dirt path. The trees provided enough shade for me to not sweat through my shirt and jacket, but I kept my jacket unzipped to allow any cool air to chill my body gently.

I eventually came to the marked path I remembered from before and I started on the trail without hesitation. The trail itself was no different than the others; trees surrounded me on both sides and I had to step over large roots emerging from the earth beneath my sneakers. A few times my ears picked up the sounds of birds chirping away, but nothing else except the silence of the forest.

Like before, I slipped a few times, but suffered no injuries to my ankles and feet. I made a mental note to invest in a pair of high quality hiking shoes for hiking in the future, though. There was no need to risk injuring myself to make it to wondrous sights in the forests, along mountains and so forth. Nonetheless, I continued along the trail towards my destination.

A few times I stopped for photos and snapped them as quickly as the opportunities presented themselves. Sometimes, I wouldn’t take a photo and simply revel in the majestic beauty of the forest, with various plants and insects around. I even discovered a handmade “fairy” town near a split in the trail and I smiled at how cute the tiny houses were. But as adorable as they were, I had to continue my journey, so I bid them a silent goodbye and continued on.

Eventually, I came to a split in the trail that had two different routes marked. I froze, wondering out loud which path to take when the sound of someone running filled my ears. A morning jogger stopped next to me and inquired about my destination. I mentioned about my indecision regarding which path to take and she kindly informed me two points:

– The path to my left was a quicker way leading to Black Head.

– The path to my right lead to a spot called Little White Head and a few other spots around the area.

I’ve never been to Little White Head before, so why not see what it’s like? I thanked her and headed left towards the trail leading to Little White Head after allowing the jogger to go before me since she was running in the same direction. The trail got a little rougher with more bushes, trees and enormous roots in the earth, but it was nothing I wasn’t used to. The insect population here wasn’t fully awake and I thanked my luck for not having to swat them away or deal with the incessant buzzing.

Near a small clearing with less trees covering the sunlight, I spotted another marked trail leading to another place beyond what I could see. I decided against taking it and mentally noted that trail to take in the future to see where it lead.

The path got narrower and a little slippery from the mud, but the familiar sound of waves hitting the shore excited me and I rushed forward, eager to see the results of my hike. I was rewarded with an open clearing similar to a previous hiking spot, but the sunlight made this area glow with the beauty of an early summer season. Large slabs of rock were everywhere and I stood on the edge of a larger one jutting out from the side to take in a marvelous sight.

The sky was a vibrant blue with wisps of clouds slowly crawling by. Seagulls of many shapes and sizes filled the air, gliding from one spot on the large rocky mountain to another lower or higher up while crying out to each other in loud, throaty yells. I even spotted two small seagulls nursing and feeding babies hidden away in the crevices between some rocks and it reminded me of the many times I’ve seen female ducks with their little ducklings following them. It was my first time seeing a seagull family and I beamed at such a lovely sight.

I crept to the edge of the rock to view what lied below and was blown away at the swirls of waves crashing against the many rocks formations below. Some of them washed around rocks in an almost hypnotic way that kept my eyes glued to them. Others smacked against small lagoons formed by ocean water filling an opening left behind by the rocks. The thought of me climbing down there, stripping my clothes off and dipping into the cool water teased my mind again, but I wasn’t bold enough to risk injuring myself…or worse.

But what really stuck me was the amount of seagull droppings everywhere I looked. The majority of rocks were sprinkled in the excrement of seagulls flying by or residing in various spots. Thankfully, none were in the spot I stood, but I laughed out loud at not noticing the mess before. So that’s probably how Little White Head got its name. The seagulls’ own personalized bathroom spot away from humans.

I pulled out my cameras and got a few photos before cupping my hands over my mouth and releasing my usual bellow of victory at achieving yet another hike. I sat down on the rock slab and removed my jacket to allow the breeze to cool my body and the sun to warm my skin. The salty scent of the ocean filled my nose as the waves continued to crash down below.

I found myself drifting off into my thoughts as I listened to the waves. My mood hadn’t been the greatest for a few days and it bothered me that I was even upset at all. This place, like many other places on the island, was beautiful and it was a luxury to even have the opportunity to sit and take it such gorgeous sights like this. So why was I even upset at all? What bothered me so?

I reached for the pen and small notebook I took with me and started writing down all of my thoughts, not caring if they made sense or not. Some were about my current issues and I poured them out, making sure to state exactly how I felt. It was therapeutic to do such an act and after several minutes of pushing pen into paper, I felt somewhat better.

I remained in Little White Head for another half hour before packing up my bag and stretching my limbs for another hike back to the inn. I bid a silent goodbye to the area and a moment of gratitude to the Universe for experiencing yet another beautiful moment before departing along the path I followed previously. The spot would be visited another day for seclusion away from society to hear my thoughts and to just breathe for several minutes. My own little sanctuary from everything else.

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