Ocean Therapy at Jax Beach

I had made a very tough decision regarding one of my two jobs and I desperately needed to recharge and rest. The parks were my usual escapes, but this Sunday, I decided that a day trip to the beach was better for my spirit. So, with a packed tote bag, three pairs of shoes and my water bottle, I drove off for Jacksonville Beach.

Walking over the wooden bridge, I noted the many residents walking their dogs on the hot sands, jogging past others or riding bicycles slowly alongside friends. The waves crashed against the shore and with each crash, a mist of ocean water filled the air with the salty fragrance of the beach. The weather was fair and pleasant with an occasional breeze floating by.

I lugged through the sand and spotted a clear space near an older couple. A lone seagull moved away from me, only stopping a few times to stare from a safe distance. Even the bird is practicing social distancing.

After laying down a towel and setting my bag and bottle on top, I stripped my shirt off and headed towards the sound of the waves. In the distance, I spotted two pelicans dive into the ocean for prey and reemerge soaked, but their mouths full.

My feet got a spa treatment from Mother Nature herself; the hot sand grains were a natural exfoliant for my calluses and the ocean waves felt ice cold to the touch as they washed the sand off of my feet. The coolness of the salty water changed my mind about wanting to dip my entire body into it and I settled with the mini spa foot treatment. My feet needed the break anyway.

Various seashells would catch my eye and I bent down several times to grab them before the waves washed them away. A sponge-looking object floated near me and after examining it, I beamed as I realized it was a piece of sea sponge. Another rare item to add to my collection!

With the ocean’s treatment of my feet done, I headed back with my treasures and dried myself with a spare towel. Opening my painted wooden box I brought with me, I filled it with warm sand for burying my crystals upon returning home. I laid against the towel and stared into the blue sky above me as seagulls flew by. The beauty and simplicity of summer in one single visit. I now see why so many people enjoy the beach no matter what time of day.

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