Autumn’s Late Arrival

NOTE: This was done in early December, so it’s kind of late in terms of when I wanted to post this.

* * *

Autumn arrived way later in the year than in other places and the trees’ leaves were starting to show the magnificent colors of the season. It was a somewhat late morning and the wind breezed through the forest behind the house I stayed at. The sounds of leaves and branches rustling were heard through the window of my room.

After soaping up in a warm shower, I ventured outside to grab some fresh air. Upon stepping through the aging patio screen door, the warmth of the sunlight struck my skin and I relaxed a little. The wind had slowed down to a gentle breeze that whispered through the branches, bringing to life the various colors of the leaves. I spotted mixtures of gold, brown, orange, red, and green and I smiled at the seasonal color blends.

Breathing deeply, the fair air filled my lungs and I carefully walked around in the backyard, trying not to step on any dog feces that were still present. Glancing upward, I spotted a large black bird perched on a lone branch at the top of a nearly barren tree farther away. I imagined myself on the same spot and wondered how much of the world I would be able to see from there. More than what I’ve been able to see from where I’m standing.

Something brightly crimson caught my eye and I turned to notice a small tree bearing red berries of an unknown kind. Curious, I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo for use as a reference for a future drawing. The berries were ripe and hung together as a bundle on the end of one branch separate from the rest. A strong urge to pick one and eat it entered my mind, but I dismissed it on the notion of not wanting to poison myself.

With the task of “getting fresh air” done, I sauntered back inside towards my room to rest. I mentally wished for everyday to have weather as good as this. Maybe someday in a different environment. . .

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