Mid-Day Laundry Day

Most of my errands were completed for the day, with the exception of laundry. After pulling some money from a nearby bank, I drove over to my usual spot: the Suds Above Laundromat.

Upon entering, I was greeted by tons of patrons busying themselves with basic laundry duties, be it folding clean clothes at a folding station or stuffing a large load into the open mouths of machines. The sounds of the many washers and dryers radiated throughout the small laundromat as they spun tirelessly with the loads of the patrons. The scents of clean linen and fabric softener lingered slightly before disappearing completely.

I spotted two available washers and marked both places with my belongings before heading to the card reloading station. I loaded a $5.00 bill into the feeder and was surprised to see the computer show that I loaded $10.00 onto my card instead. I guess the universe noticed that I’m struggling and decided to cut me some slack, I thought amusingly.

Once both machines whirred to life, I sank into a chair and waited. Various songs were playing from the ceiling speakers and some I hummed along to, others I merely ignored. Twice I walked over to watch my clothes roll around in the soapy water as the washers spun and memories of visiting water parks came to mind.

The familiar beep from the washers sounded, so I wheeled a metal laundry cart over to both and discarded my wet clothes inside. The faint scent of frankincense and myrrh drifted from my clothes into my nose as I tossed them into two empty dryers.

45 minutes was the waiting time until the familiar beep sounded and I knew my clothes were finished. By then, most of the patrons had left and there were only two people remaining: an older man who chatted with one of the owners of the laundromat and was washing his clothes in a larger washing machine. I folded my dried clothes, packed them away and bid a silent farewell as I left through the glass door. Another week and a half of clean clothes until my next return.

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