Graphite Pencil Art | “Standing Tall”

Since I’ve been working on more graphite artwork, I’ve thought about creating a series based around fruits and vegetables. It’s still a thought, but I’ve considered doing so since most of my drawing subjects are in these two categories.

This one that I recently completed will most likely be selected if I choose to make a collection of my best artwork related to a subject or two. I was working at one of my jobs and I happened to come across a container full of eggplants. After looking through them, I found one that was worthy enough for a graphite drawing. I had a fellow co-worker hold the vegetable while I snapped a reference photo.

After resting for a few days, I set to work on sketching the outline and shape of the eggplant. My H pencil was used for this step and I did have a little trouble with the top of the eggplant. But I eventually got it similar to what I saw in the reference photo.

I marked when I started the drawing and set to work shading in the highlights and shadows. My approach was to work slowly and add layer after layer until the desired results were achieved. I used my B, 2B and 3B pencils for the basic shadows. For deeper shadows, my 5B and 6B pencils were used.

The more I worked on the drawing, the more shading I did, the more the shape of the eggplant started to look more realistic. I got more excited each day I worked on it and I eventually completed the piece!

I did add a shadow underneath the eggplant to make it look like it was standing on a surface and I think it added a nice touch to the overall piece. I love it and working slower tends to produce better results for me. As always, I’m resting before doing another graphite piece, but I’m not sure what my next subject is going to be…

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