Graphite Pencil Art | “Smooth Pumpkin”

*Credit of original photo goes to O Naturals.*

At the start of the Autumn season, and eventually the Halloween season, I wanted to make another drawing based on a popular subject that is common in décor, recipes and tradition. I did come up with a simple plant subject for my first gouache painting, but for a drawing, I settled on drawing a pumpkin since it’s very common during this time of the year.

A whole pumpkin was needed for the drawing because it would be easier for me to see where the lighter and darker areas are. I found one picture on the Internet that was suitable for me to work with. I didn’t desaturate the photo this time.

I drew the shape of the pumpkin the first day and fixed it later on because I though the right side looked uneven and I wanted to make the pumpkin as round as possible. My 2H pencil was used for the outline.

I eventually started shading in the subject slowly so I could get it right and make it look as realistic as I could. I designated an hour each day to work on this drawing and I even worked outside at a park when it was sprinkling and cloudy. I had to stop though; I got scared that water would ruin the drawing.

For shading, my Prismacolor Ebony pencil, 2B pencil, 3B pencil, and 4B pencil were used. As mentioned before, I shaded slowly and blended slowly to even out everything. When it got to where I wanted the shading to be, I finished the drawing by burnishing certain areas of the pumpkin using my burnishing pencil.

It took me 20 days to completely finish this piece and I’m very happy with the way it turned out! It looks somewhat realistic and nearly the way I wanted it to look. By not rushing through the process, I find that my artwork comes out better than trying to finish it quickly. I’ll take a break for now before making anything else because I’ve been really busy for several days and I need to rest.

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