Graphite Pencil Art | Three Strawberries

*Credit for original photo of strawberries goes to Health Benefits Times.*

I’ve been looking through my current portfolio and after re-organizing my artwork from the best to things that need improvement, I decided to add another finished artwork to the portfolio.

I knew I wanted the subject to be fruit again, but I was stuck on what kind of fruit to draw. I eventually decided on some strawberries and after searching on the web (because the strawberries I already had were rotten), I found these three juicy ones that would work as subjects!

As always, unless the subject is already in black and white, I desaturated the entire photo of the subjects to get a better view of the shadows and light areas.

I then drew an outline of them and started filling in the details.

Since the strawberries had seeds on their surfaces, it got very tricky and after some failed attempts at trying to draw in the seeds and shade around them, I figured that shading in the entire strawberries and spot-erasing them in worked better and it did! The strawberry that was cut in half was the easiest for me to draw and detail.

For the art gear lovers, the pencils used were 3H, HB, 2B, 3B, and the Prismacolor Ebony pencil. For blending, I used a blending tool and a burnishing pencil.

I did finish this piece, but I was kind of disappointed in how it turned out, even after blending in nearly everything and going over a few spots with my burnishing pencil. I wanted this to look slightly realistic like the avocados, but I feel like I rushed through this one because of how difficult the subject was. Maybe I’ll try drawing strawberries again in the future, but I’ll look into other subjects for now.

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