Product Review | Prose Custom Hair Care

If you had been scrolling through Instagram on most days like me, you might have encountered an ad or two about some popular hair care brand that’s been trending for a while. I’m big on taking care of my hair and it is safe to say that I’ve had my share of using hair care products that were pricey, cheap, had great results on my hair or did absolutely nothing noteworthy of being used again.

That being said, when an ad about a hair care brand named Prose appeared in my Instagram feed, I got interested almost immediately. I already knew about Function of Beauty, but I had yet to try the products from that brand. So after going over my finances and clearing out my current stash of products (I’m not much of a product junkie anymore, but I still got stuff to work through), I purchased three products from Prose.

The products I picked were the shampoo, conditioner, and the pre-shampoo hair mask. Prose has all three products including a scalp mask, a hair oil, curl cream, leave-in spray and dry shampoo.

A bit of background: the brand is a custom hair care brand based on the answers you give in an extensive quiz online. The quiz goes into heavy detail about your lifestyle, how often you do your hair, what environment you live in that might affect your hair and so on. I liked that it was very thorough on getting as much info from you before creating specific products for your hair and scalp.

The quiz also lets you determine what specifications you want for your products. I made mine vegan and silicone free because that’s what I’m used to.

I used each of the three products for about four and a half weeks and I’m ready to tell you my views!

* * *

Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

By far my most loved product out of all three I’ve tried! The fragrance for all three products is the Elixir fragrance and it is very strong in this mask. The texture is super creamy, rich and I didn’t need a lot to coat my sections. Plus, it even had some serious slip so if I wanted to detangle my hair with this, I could. But I didn’t because I’d run through the jar quickly.

The mask soaked into my hair upon application and after waiting half an hour and rinsing it out in the shower, my hair felt soft and moisturized. This is definitely something that I wish would be offered in a liter size or a bigger jar, but it’s a product that will definitely be used again in the future!


My least favorite out of the three. The consistency is on the runnier side and the Elixir fragrance comes out weird in this product. I don’t know why, but my nose didn’t agree with the fragrance in the shampoo.

The directions recommended two pumps for your hair, so I used two pumps for each section. The shampoo didn’t bubble up as much, but I’m used to that and I made sure my hair was soaking wet before washing.

Perhaps it was the fermented rice water (an ingredient they included based on my quiz answers) in this shampoo, but the first time I used it, my hair felt a little stiff and dry. I chalked it up to me switching hair products when I first got the Prose products and kept on using the shampoo. The second time went a little bit better, but the last two times resulted in my hair feeling the slightest bit dry.

There is a silver lining to this though. My scalp came out clean with no sign of residue or dryness. I usually concentrate the shampoo on my scalp, so this was great news!


My second favorite out of the three I tried. The fragrance is the same as the mask, so there isn’t much I can say about it.

The consistency is just as creamy as the mask, but this felt more like a less rich, lightweight version of the hair mask. I say this because while the conditioner had enough slip for detangling and sank into my hair easily, the results didn’t really impress me as much. After rinsing with cool water, my hair felt slightly soft, but normal.

I mentioned this as my second favorite because I think it’s a good way to add some moisture back into my hair after the shampoo and end my hair routine.

* * *

All in all, the Prose products are good and I might try them again in the future. But on a consistent basis, I can’t justify dropping more than $100 each time I run out. I know that there is a subscription service, but I don’t wash my hair and scalp as often since it doesn’t get as dirty often. So for now, this brand will only be for when I’m feeling fancy and I want to splurge.

Have you tried Prose? How did it go for you?

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