Graphite Pencil Art | “Orange Pair”

*Credit for photo of oranges goes to iStock.*

I’ve still been working with graphite pencils and I’m getting better with them the more I continue to draw with them. I took some time off from making art to head to my favorite bookstore and pick up a book on the various drawing techniques ranging from Beginner to Professional. It was quite a read and I’ve even started practicing some of the exercises in my sketchbook in my spare time.

But I wanted to make another finished piece, so back to drawing I went! I discovered another outline of two subjects that I thought about doing in colored pencil. These were two oranges with one of them being cut in half.

I decided to finish the drawing in graphite pencil again and using the techniques I used for the drawing of the avocados, I finished the piece. I don’t remember if it was the 4H or the 2H pencil I used for the outline because it was done a long time ago, but for shading I used my B, 2B, and 3B pencils. I would’ve used my Prismacolor Ebony pencil too, but I lost it when I visited the park to do some work there.

I also went over some areas with a burnishing pencil to blend in some of the areas a lot more and make them a little more realistic.

Long story short, the drawing turned out great! There was one area on the whole orange that I wished I could’ve done better, but the overall artwork looks just as good as the one of the avocados.

I’m going to take another break and see if I can find some more subjects outside for the next drawing. I would like to do a flower or plant, but I just need to find the right one to draw.

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