Photo Series | pretty, colorful, natural

2020 has been a rollercoaster year for many people, myself included. I’ve been dealing with being kicked out after a falling out with one parent, finding somewhere to live, and still maintaining my sense of self during the whole ordeal. With everyone else, the coronavirus is still present, quarantines are still effective in many places and now, nearly the entire country is rioting after a man was murdered by police on video in broad daylight.

There’s been so much chaos and pandemonium around me that I recently began feeling like I couldn’t breathe or be at peace. It was becoming exhausting most days.

So I decided to look through previous work I’ve done over the years and do something creative to get my mind off things.

What came out instead was another idea for a photo series!

The title for this series is “pretty, colorful, natural” and it is a collection of all of the photos of flowers I’ve taken over the years, even when I had my first camera (an Olympus Stylus 600, for those who don’t know). I’m planning on adding more photos to it, but the series is available to view.

I made this purely out of people wanting to view something peaceful during these hard times or anyone wishing to see the everyday beauty in usual and unusual spots. I know I needed this during my years in college and before that.

This link here will lead you directly to the series to view. Perhaps it may bring you a sense of peace among the chaos surrounding you. It did for me.

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