Graphite Pencil Art | “Four Leaf Cross”

Things have been changing at a rapid pace lately. I’ve gotten both of my jobs back and I’ve been working on a part-time schedule at both places. Due to me not working for a few weeks because of the virus, it was quite a transition that I wasn’t ready for.

It also meant that I had to get back on the routine of designating one hour of every other day to work on unfinished artwork or photos. I also looked through my portfolio and found a drawing that I put off to the side due to a creative block.


This sketch was based off of a reference photo I had taken in the past during one of my walks. I didn’t know how I wanted the end result to look and the reference photo of the subject itself was mostly flat with not much shadows and light areas. So off to the side the sketch went.

After about two and half weeks of dealing with the virus fallout, I picked it up again and decided to finish it. I used my B, 2B, and 3B pencils to fill in the leaves and even the stem holding them together. The final result is what you see below.


I’m happy with it, but I feel like I need to change up my style a little. The leaves’ details look no different than what I’ve done before. I’m not sure entirely…

But I am currently working on another graphite pencil artwork, so there might be some changes.

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