Pencil Art | “Thriving Together”

During one of my usual walks outside, I though about what the next subject for my next drawing would be and I realized that I had hit a “block,” so to speak. So I decided to pull out my phone and photograph a quick picture of what I thought was visually appealing enough to capture in another drawing. After reading a Bella Grace magazine and walking around some more, a small bundle of leaves caught my attention and I snapped away.


This bundle was the subject of my latest artwork. It took a couple of days to sketch the outline of the leaves and branch/stem, finalize the shape, and shade in the details on each leaf depending on how much sunlight was hitting them based on my reference photo. I even worked on it while sitting in my car one night and in the park during the middle of one weekday!

Thriving Together

For forming the shape of my subject, I used a sharpened 5H pencil since I haven’t used it in a while and I wanted to see how well it would do. It worked out well!

For shading in the leaves and other detail, my B and 2B pencils were used. Some leaves were easy to shade in while others were a bit tricky.

I got really stumped when I got to the stem/branch. A part of me wanted to use one of my B pencils and shade it in completely while the other part of me wanted to add a bit of color instead. I chose to use three Prismacolor pencils to color in the stem/branch: Spring Green, Apple Green and a tiny bit of Prussian Green.

The drawing turned out great in terms of detail, but I think I should have made it a graphite pencil piece entirely. I believe it would have turned out much better if the stem/branch was dark, then the leaves could stand out. I don’t know; maybe it’s just me and my preferences.

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