Photo Walk | Riverfront Park

April has started, the Spring season is here and the temperatures in Florida are hot once more. It has been an entire week of me trying to pass the time while being temporarily laid off from both jobs and the “cabin fever” has been hitting me hard. So I decided to pack up my camera and my fine art materials, drive out to my favorite park and hang out for a while.

After finishing up my current drawing at Alpine Groves, I decided to explore further down Bartram Trail to see what else I could find. The answer was Riverfront Park, a nature trail hidden away near a suburban area named Rivertown!

I chose my Nikon D3200 and 35mm f/1.8 lens for this photo walk instead of one of my film cameras because I was low on money and didn’t have enough to buy more film rolls. Although the wind was strong, the sky was clear, and the air a little chilly, I was still able to take some photos. But I really need to remember to not photograph in the middle of the day when the sun is directly over me in the air…


The trail also had a separate bicycle trail in case anyone wanted to cycle there. Otherwise, it was very peaceful and there were a lot of tall trees that stood up straight, suffered damage from months of weather changes and wildlife, or they curved towards each other towards the top.


There was also a small area that lead to a tiny beach-like spot, but I couldn’t get there due to a fallen tree blocking the man-made path. It did make for a good photograph though. I took 4 to 6 shots of this spot before picking the best one.


I only managed to take around 20 photos before I had to stop due to the sunlight. But it felt great to dust off my digital camera and go on a photo walk/exploration with it! I’ll be doing more of these in the future to pass the time and practice taking photos again.

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