Graphite Pencil Art | “The Three Lemons”

*Credit to original lemon photo goes to Shutterstock.*

Unfortunately, both of my jobs have been temporarily shutdown and I’ve been temporarily “laid off” until the Coronavirus situation dies down. As disheartening and depressing as that was, since my main two sources of income were cut short, I decided to get back to creating more artwork and photographing more areas around me to pass the time.

This drawing was originally going to be done in colored pencil, but I wasn’t feeling confident with colored pencils yet. So on to using my graphite pencils it was.

After looking up lemons on Google, I found this trio of lemons to draw! The subjects were definitely perfect for what I had in mind for the finished artwork. But don’t worry; I’ll eventually do another drawing of a lemon as a subject, but in colored pencil.

Before starting, I de-saturated the photo to see where all the shadows and light spots are on the subjects.

Lemon Desaturate

To sketch out and solidify the general shape of the lemons, I used my 3H pencil for the rough layout and then my H pencil to sketch in the actual shapes. For shading, my B, 2B, and 3B pencils were used. Shading in the whole lemon on the left was difficult due to the texture shown on the subject, but I did my best.

The Three Lemons

Overall, I like it and I’m happy with the final product! If I want to add more, I will but for now, I’ll leave it where it is. I’ll take a break and then continue practicing techniques with my colored pencils before starting the next drawing.

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