Life Update | Exhaustion From Working Double

Mid-March is here and the weather in north Florida has been warming up again (as if Florida experiences a Winter season). I’m still working both jobs like I usually do, but I’m starting to feel extremely sluggish and tired nearly all the time. Plus, I’m feeling like I rarely get any time to work on any artwork I’ve started, blog posts about subjects I’ve wanted to talk about or even using one of my cameras to take some photos.

It really came to a head last week and I felt that I cracking under the pressure of trying to keep up everything so I took last Thursday off to rest, relax, and dive into my art and photography. It was great and I even got to explore a new area in the nicer parts near my second job and enjoy a nice lunch at one of my favorite places. I did go to Alpine Groves (my favorite park, BTW) and read the latest Bella Grace magazine as well as fill up one film roll with photos of the nature trail before it rained. It was two hours of total bliss combined with fair, breezy weather and I loved every minute of it.

Aside from the wonderful day it was, I also got to be a pet sitter to a neighbor’s dog for 2 – 3 days and earned money from it. I also got to sleep for two and a half hours straight in a quiet house with the dog, so that was amazing!

Long story short, the day off was exactly what I needed and I felt much better and ready to tackle the next day. I’ve decided to start doing more of taking days off as I continue to use my two jobs to pay off debt and save up for goals I’ve set this year.

I’ve also decided to use my mornings to work on my art and photography, even if it’s only for an hour or thirty minutes. It’s time I designate for creating and nurturing my artistic side rather than suppressing it for the sake of trying to be someone I’m not.

I hope you all take time to rest and care for yourselves instead of exhausting yourselves. A lady once told me that “self care is healthcare” and I’ve held that quote to heart ever since I first heard it.

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