Drawing | Controllable Color with Colored Pencils

I’ve been too busy with my full-time job and my part-time job and both are draining me of my energy. But I meant to make this post for you at the start of February, so here it is.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I had decided to start using colored pencils as a second art medium to using sketching pencils as a first. This means that not only will I be creating finished pencil artwork, but I’ll be making finished colored pencil artwork too!

I do know that based on research I’ve done (and my childhood experience with using Crayola colored pencils), colored pencils can be unforgiving if you mess up, so I’ve been using my pencils to practice shading techniques on a sketchbook I bought from a bookstore. The brand of colored pencils I chose to start with was Prismacolor since this brand is widely available in many retail stores and has several different colors I can use.

While practicing, I’ve also started making sketches or outlines of subjects I want to designate as finished colored pencil pieces. I’m gravitating towards fruits and vegetables since they are simple subjects with plenty of detail and various colors. I’ve already sketched out two subjects: two avocados and two oranges.

I’ll keep practicing with my pencils, but I’m excited with what I could make using colored pencils!

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