Life Update | New Year, New Job, New Outlook

It’s been two days into my new job and I’m already getting a decent feeling about it. Similar to my last few jobs, I’m a Dishwasher and I do some light prep work for the other chefs that are busy. The work itself isn’t new; like I’ve said at the start, this job is no different than the other jobs I’ve held down in kitchens and restaurants.

The only difference is that this is my first full-time position that I’ve ever gotten. All of my other jobs, including the second job I currently have alongside this one, were part-time.

Nowadays, it’s really difficult to even find a full-time job somewhere, so I was very fortunate to find this one through Indeed. But I’m very happy that I have it because I can finally get ahead financially and achieve the goals I’ve set for 2020! Being debt free and being able to move out of my parents’ house are just two of my goals and if I keep this job and use my money wisely, I can make it happen.

Aside from my job progress, I’m slowly teaching myself to slow down and focus more on relaxing. This includes diving back into my art and photography for at least an hour and a half everyday or every other day and learning that it’s okay to simply rest without doing anything. for the majority of my life, I’ve almost always felt that I had to be doing something productive and it really stressed me out.

This year, I’m going to slow down and focus on what I enjoy doing most. I’ll keep fighting to be financially stable and I’ll keep making more artwork than last year.

So far, I seem to be doing great so I’m going to be keeping it up!

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