Review | OGX Pracaxi Recovery Oil Shampoo & Golden Turmeric Conditioner

I recently stopped at a Walgreens store near one of my job locations and I discovered at least three new lines from OGX right at the entrance. The first one was the Pracaxi Recovery Oil line and the shampoo and conditioner were the only two available from the line. The second line was the Golden Turmeric line and just like the previous line, it only had the shampoo and conditioner available.

The third line was another collaboration between OGX and Kandee Johnson called the Kandee POPGLAM line and same as before, only the Ultra Hydrating shampoo and conditioner were available.

I decided to purchase the Pracaxi Recovery Oil shampoo and the Golden Turmeric conditioner to test for myself and see if I liked it. My demo video of me using both products on my hair is on my YouTube channel and it can be seen here.

So I’ll start with the shampoo first.


The bottle itself is very pretty with a glittery gold color. The key ingredients in the Pracaxi Recovery Oil line are pracaxi oil and murumuru butter and this shampoo was no exception. The fragrance was very strong and smelled like an artificial perfume I can’t really describe.

I honestly had high hopes for this shampoo since it claimed to soften my hair into lovely curls. Granted, I wasn’t expecting my hair to look like another person’s, but I just wanted it to be moisturized. Sadly, I didn’t get that with this shampoo. After lathering up my scalp and hair and rinsing it out, my hair was left completely dried out, matted near the ends and tangled in other parts. I gave it another shot thinking that maybe my hair just wasn’t used to the shampoo yet and I still got the same result. My scalp did get clean though, so that was nice.

I moved on to the Golden Turmeric conditioner to finish things up.


This conditioner (or the whole line) is based on Ayurveda practices and is designed to strengthen your hair for more length. The key ingredients are coconut milk, amla extract (a.k.a. Indian gooseberry… I think) and turmeric. The conditioner is a soft yellow color and the fragrance is warm with a hint of spice from the turmeric in it.

Upon smoothing this on, I noticed that it was thick and didn’t have much detangling properties, so detangling with this was not happening. Also, because it was thick, it took a little more than necessary to cover my hair strands. I left it on for at least 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

If you’ve watched the video, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure about the conditioner or the shampoo being a good choice for my hair. But I decided to not use any other products for my hair and let it air dry to see how well the conditioner worked. It actually dried into a somewhat soft texture that I could work with! There were some tangles here and there, but the conditioner did a pretty decent job and I removed the tangles later with my fingers, some water, and my TRESemme conditioner.

All in all, I would use the Golden Turmeric conditioner again, but I’m avoiding the Pracaxi shampoo for future use. I do want to pair the Golden Turmeric conditioner with the matching shampoo to see if it would give me better results, but I have to wait until I get more money. But that’s all I have to say for now.

Both products can be found at select Walgreens stores, so try them if you see them!

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