2019-2020 Australian Bushfire Crisis

NOTE: Credit goes to Matthew Abbott from the New York Times for this haunting photo.

It is a rare moment when I talk about a really serious issue on this blog, but I feel that I really need to share what I’ve been seeing all over social media for the past few days since 2020 started.

I want to talk to you all about the bushfires that are currently affecting Australia right now.

The news has not only been covered on large corporate news chains, but on social media platforms too. I’m talking Instagram, Reddit, possibly Facebook, and the like.

Since I was out-of-the-loop, so to speak, I did my usual method of extensive research to find out about the Australian bushfires, how bad they were, and the current status on the survivors or death toll.

What I discovered sent me into a spiral of emotions.

I got angry. I wept. I got depressed. I felt numb.

Seeing photos and videos of the flames burning the vegetation and natural habitats in at least a third of the continent (might be more as I speak) was already shocking enough. Seeing photos and video footage of the deceased animals, insects and other wildlife that perished in the flames truly saddened me.

Of course I can’t forget the people who lost their homes and even their lives because of this disaster. I can’t imagine the pain the survivors and citizens must have felt.

But as helpless as I felt the more information I uncovered, I also felt a sense of joy. Joy at the fact that so many other countries in the world are doing all they can to assist the Australian people in putting out the fires. Many firefighters have come from other countries to put out the flames themselves. Volunteers have done similar things, but have mostly contributed to assisting the remaining wildlife that have survived and people who survived the bushfires. Large donations have poured in from different parts of the world to provide as much as possible to help end this crisis.

So while I do weep for the countless lives lost due to these fires, I also feel hope that there are still people out there who still fight for climate change, who still protect the environment as much as they can and who still use their voice to raise awareness to others.

But more importantly, I feel joy in knowing that are still people out there with huge, kind hearts who choose to do good in times of need.

To anyone in Australia, you are in my thoughts and I wish for nothing but your safety. To the volunteers and firefighters donating their time and effort to destroying the fires, thank you all for your hard work.

Stay safe everyone. Keep Australia in your prayers and give your support.

CFS Foundation Donations

Rural Fire Service

WWF Bushfire Emergency Info

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