Graphite Pencil Art | “Textured Leaf”

Hello and a late Happy New Year to all of you! 2019 was a seriously stressful and rough year and I wanted to try and make several changes for 2020. I decided to pursue doing my art and photography more often than usual and finish any projects I’ve started or sketched out layouts for.

This drawing of a leaf I photographed last year is officially done! It took me a while to actually get it done due to me working two part-time jobs and dealing with a terrible cold/sinus infection, but I carved out time to finish it. I even managed to create my personal signature at the bottom right corner too!


The detail of the leaf was somewhat difficult as some areas were lighter due to where the sunlight was hitting the leaf. I had to use my kneaded eraser to “carve” lighter areas and shade lightly in others. Shading was also difficult, but thanks to me getting a blending tool from a nearby arts & crafts store, the process was much easier and I was able to make the drawing pop out from the paper.

For getting the general shape and details of the leaf, the H pencils were used. For shading and darkening areas of the leaf, I used my B pencils. I don’t remember which ones I used, so I can’t really tell you.

I’m currently working a new drawing of a flower that I took a photo of when I was in college and living on campus. It’ll take a while, but I’m carving out time every other day to add a little to the drawing.

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