Photography | Fine Art Flat Layout Photo Shoot

Christmas is tomorrow and I’m trying to rest after dealing with the past few days. I’ve been very depressed and angry for unknown reasons and I’ve been trying to sit still in somewhere quiet until the feeling passes, but it hasn’t worked so far.

I did want to do a mini Christmas photo shoot for myself involving an ugly sweater and some candy canes, but I have yet to find a good sweater for the photo. Plus, I have to take a family photo thanks to my parents “greatly insisting” upon it. So maybe that’s why I’ve been upset lately…

Whatever the case, I did do a photo shoot in December, but about a week and a half before last week, so I’ll share that one with you.

One day, when everyone was out of the house, I decided to set up my camera and do a flat layout photo of one of my drawings and my sketching tools. As usual, setting this up near a window was best due to the amount of natural light coming in. I also used my speedlight for filler light.


For the lens, the Nikkor 55-200mm f/4 – 5.6 ED lens was best due to me being able to zoom in. I wished I had a wide angle lens and I really don’t like this lens (more on that on a different post), but it sufficed. I laid out my items and took several shots using my remote shutter release. The first few shots were for determining what settings on the speedlight worked best.

Once the photo shoot was done, I made my first Instagram story and cleaned up everything before pulling the images into Lightroom and Photoshop. The final image below is the best one out of a set of 35 to 40 images.


I think it turned out great! I wish I’ve could have included more of the items I included in the shot, but it’s okay. I’ll do more of these in the future.

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