Drawing | Leaves & Plant Subjects

Today is my 27th birthday and I’m trying to rest up before I begin my second job this weekend. I’ve been getting back into drawing subjects in my sketch pad during days that I don’t have to work (including days where I don’t pick up extra shifts). The past days have been cloudy and wet with some rain, but it made for a really good time to work on my sketches.

I found that I really enjoy drawing leaves, flowers or plants that catch my eye when I’m outside. I would snap a decent photo of said plant, flower or leaf and use it as a reference for my sketching. In my previous post, you might have seen this with the last sketch I was working on. I don’t know if other artists still use this method today, but it works for me.

EPSON MFP image20190928_174911

This time, I nearly finished another sketch I did involving leaves that look similar to nettle and I’m working on another one of a strange leaf I found at my mother’s house.

EPSON MFP image  20190929_164132

Shading is still difficult for me since I still have to practice my techniques and without a proper blending tool, I have to use my fingers to blend in the pencil strokes. Sometimes it comes out fine, other times it’s too obvious that finger blending was used and a blending tool would have had a better result. So now, I just stick with drawing the shape and details of my subjects rather than trying to make it look realistic by shading.


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