2019 New Year Goals & Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 was a rough year for me since so many things were going on at once and I was getting more and more stressed out as the days passed. But now that 2018 is over, I’ve got a ton of changes to make to my life since “Adulthood” has officially started.

And since it has started, I’m going to kick my rear end into high gear to achieve the goals I’ve set in (hopefully) a short period of time.

I looked back at all of the things I’ve done last year and realized that there weren’t many changes made, with the exception of changing jobs after quitting one. This made me really sad and angry at myself for hardly making any progress while everyone else did.

However, there were a few personal accomplishments:

  • I graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (finally!)

  • I have one retirement account with around $200 inside

  • I managed to scrape up an emergency fund of $300

As small as the second and third one may be, they were huge accomplishments for someone who barely had any money left over from working a part-time job while finishing up school. I don’t really need to explain the first one; you probably know the amount of relief I felt when that happened.

For this year, I made a small list of goals I want to at least get ahead on by mid-June or sooner. Here are my New Year Resolutions:

  1. Have a fully stocked emergency fund of around $2,000.00.

  2. Have all three of my credit cards and personal loan paid off and CLOSED.

  3. Purchase a used car (from a used car dealership or from Craigslist) in CASH. No car payments.

  4. Successfully move out of my parents’ house and live on my own with very little assistance.

  5. Go on one solo road trip during mid-Spring or early Summer.

  6. Launch this blog and my photography websites (I plan on separating my personal work from my commercial work) with site hosting and new website layouts

That’s all I’ve got for now. I also plan to keep reading as many books as possible to keep my brain working. But I really want to make some progress in my life and I feel like I’m slowing down.

So having these goals set will keep me motivated to get everything done and after that, I’ll really be living my best life!

Here’s to a new beginning for me!

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