Slow Day & The Future Ahead

It’s December 1st and it’s raining here in Orange Park, Florida. My last class for my degree has been completed and now I’m waiting to pick up my graduation gear for the ceremony on December 7th.

I have also quit my job as a cafeteria worker at an elementary school and decided to return back to working at the restaurant that I’ve been at since my junior year in college. I have also started a search for a much closer job to the parents’ house (that I’m currently staying at) and the possibility of changing career/job paths came to me at one point during my search.

In short, it’s been a whirlwind of things to do and things to get done and I’ve burnt myself out again. So I decided to make this day a slow day of sorts. More reading, more focus on pampering myself, and obviously more rest for my body.

Speaking of reading, I’ve made a trip to the library and bookstore for my downtime and I’ve been binge-reading several books and magazines. Most of them have been cookbooks on healthier, cleaner ways of eating while others fed my mind with tips on personal finance and how I can improve my life by paying off my debt.


Bella Grace is the magazine I’ve been drifting towards lately. It’s just as good as Artful Blogging (both done by the same company, Stampington & Co.), but it focuses more on how the simple things in life can make us happy. Plus, it’s filled with quotes and photos from lovely women who share their inspiration with others through the pages. I can’t recommend it enough to people like me who lose focus on what makes them happy!


So far, it’s been a huge relief to be nearly done with not only college in general, but to be done with the one job that was making me stressed out. It’s like I can really start worrying about my personal goals, my finances, and my hobbies. I was always too busy with multiple things at once and I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

My personal goal is to get to a level of comfort within myself, my finances, and with my life in whatever direction I’ll walk towards. And that’s what I’ll be working towards from now on.

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