Exhausing Days & Restful Weekends

Dropping her backpack into a nearby chair, she collapses into the cream, swirl adorned sofa. She reaches down to remove her work loafers to expose her feet to the slightly cooled air. Work, as usual, was tiring and she ached from head to toe. A soothing bath with epsom salt and essential oils was definitely needed, but only after a much needed nap.

Unable to sit up any longer, she leans back against the armrest and sets her uniform cap over her face. Closing her eyes, she imagines curling in her favorite warm blanket before settling into a deep sleep.

These past several weeks have been completely draining. I’ve been working at both jobs and trying to balance it out with working on my senior project. Plus, I still needed to get my finances in order to be able to buy the items needed for my graduation ceremony in December of this year.

It’s just been a whirlwind of working and not enough rest. The results have been showing and I’m not feeling too good about it overall. I usually counter this by sneaking in a two-to-three hour nap after heading home, but that wasn’t cutting it.

Dull Day

So I’ve decided to designate this Saturday as my day off. No working, just resting up and being “lazy,” so to speak. Just some light typing for this blog, updating my social media accounts (YouTube and Instagram), and focusing on my hobbies to pass the time.

On a side note, I’m getting much better at making my images for my senior project since the photos look better than what I’ve imagined!

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