Adopting a (Somewhat) Zero Waste Routine!

A warm hello to all of my followers! I’ve been really busy for the past several weeks due to typing up so many papers and critiques for my writing workshop class. Yep, I’ve tapped into my inner writer this time and decided to give my inner photographer a vacation.

With all of this going on, I looked again at my shrinking stash of beauty products and wondered how I was going to incorporate more of my DIY recipes into my routine.

After checking out ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve decided to adopt a Zero Waste mindset and change the way I approach my beauty routine! I’m not a hardcore follower of the Zero Waste movement, but I enjoy seeing more people making changes to their life to reduce the amount of waste we have. It’s very inspiring and very creative to a simple person like me!

Zero Waste Stash

I’ve replaced my containers with small mason jars and glass bottles to hold my homemade toner, deodorant, oils and moisturizers. I’m also going back to trying out shampoo bars since I wanted a much simpler hair routine. As for the beautiful stainless steel water bottle, that has helped me increase my intake of water nearly everyday!

I’ve also recently tried out reusable round pads for my face and neck. They’re pretty great so far and I don’t need to spend a dollar at the store to buy another bag! If interested, you can find them on Etsy since a lot of shops are selling them.

Since I’m just starting out, I want to see how far I can go with this. So any tips are greatly appreciated! Have you already changed up your routine to reduce waste? Tell me below!

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