Review | My Mane Care Hydrating Hair Mask  

Hello again! I have a week and a half left until my classes start for the Fall term. In the meantime, I’ve been trying out other products and tweaking any short stories I’ve written for future fiction contests. Nothing really exciting is happening at the moment; I’m just passing the time with my hobbies.

But this review will be on a product that I’m very excited to share with you!

This is the Hydrating Hair Mask from My Mane Care and it’s available at select Urban Outfitters stores for $16.00 plus tax. It’s also available on its website for a similar price!

*Update: I received word on Instagram that this will now be available in Ulta Beauty! That’s awesome news and I can’t wait to see it there!*

I’ve been wanting to try this product out for a very long time since I first discovered it. I also found it on Instagram and when I managed to purchase it, I was eager to tell the world about getting it!

Well, not the entire world, but you get the idea.

I tried it a few times as a pre-treatment and as a leave-in conditioner and I can safely say that this product is good! Not really mind blowing, but a good product altogether.

It comes in a creamy base, but since mine arrived in hot weather, the cream base became a liquid oil. So application was messy, but I slapped the stuff on. The fragrance is a little nutty to my nose and it sinks into my hair very easily.

After leaving it in for around 40 minutes and rinsing with warm water, my hair felt the same as it usually felt. It wasn’t super moisturized, but it definitely wasn’t greasy either. It just felt normal.

That being said, this mask works great as a leave in for my hair, so I mostly use it for that. My hair air dries into a soft, workable texture and doesn’t feel greasy.

I see this as a luxury item and I’ll purchase it again in the future, but not now. This is good if you’re the kind to pamper your hair and scalp once in a while. But I love the simplicity that the Canadian company stands for!

2 thoughts on “Review | My Mane Care Hydrating Hair Mask  

    1. You can start with this one or you can make your own based on what your hair and scalp like! The choice is up to you!


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