Review | Buddy Scrub: Activated Charcoal

So it’s been rough lately and I’m steadily trying to reduce the amount of stuff that I have. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m typing this out on the cracked screen of my beloved tablet. Lovely, I know…

But I did get the chance to try more products and I can’t wait to introduce this product to you! This product is from a brand that I stumbled upon while roaming around at outdoor malls and on Instagram.

This is the Buddy Scrub in the Activated Charcoal version! It can be found at select Urban Outfitters stores for about $18.00 and on its official website for $15.95. It also comes in five “flavors” for your skin to try!

I picked up this scrub because I wanted a scrub that could be used on my face and body. This fit the bill and if you’re a vegan, this might interest you!

This scrub is absolutely worth the money! I’ve used it on my face and on sections of my body and each time, my skin is left very smooth with no redness whatsoever! The scent reminds me of fresh peppermint leaves and it does feel tingly, so try to avoid your private areas if you want to use this.

Plus, a little goes a long way with this scrub. You don’t need to use a lot nor do you need to use it all over your body if you don’t want to. I scoop a little out with a plastic spoon so no water gets in the bag. If it’s too abrasive on your skin, you can also thin it out with a little water and this has helped me out in certain areas that were sensitive.

But because of the charcoal, this scrub is a small beauty treatment for my oily facial skin! I love smoothing this on and rinsing it off before I leave the shower. My face looks way smoother and even because of this scrub!

What more should I say? I recommend this product to vegans, vegetarians, beauty-conscious people, anyone really. Give this a shot; it’s worth the money!

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