Review | The Barefoot Beauty Biere Shampoo Bar

It’s near the end of my Summer B term and I’ll be moving in less than a week due to my financial troubles. Despite my growing problems, I’m still trying out different products and different beauty recipes and experimenting is what I’m good at, right?

Plus, from all that experimenting with different products, I have another product review on a soap from a small shop that I discovered at a festival. The name of the shop?

The Barefoot Beauty Soap & Sundry!!!!

This little beauty here is the Biere Shampoo Bar and it costs $6.00 to purchase from the website. I brought it at the shop’s stand at the festival for $4.00 since there was a bit of a discount during that time.

Biere Shampoo Bar 1

For those who don’t know, I absolutely LOVE shampoo bars! They’re great for travel, have less packaging and are easier to use than liquid shampoos (at least for me). I’m also a fan of minimalism and shampoo bars have become a big part of my beauty routine.

So when I decided to visit the table setup for this shop at the music/arts festival and I noticed this shampoo bar, I purchased it and promised the shop owner that I would leave a review for her product.

Biere Shampoo Bar 2

This shampoo bar is really good for my hair! Since it’s circular-shaped, it was easy to hold and swipe over my hair to create a lather. This is a natural soap, so it took a couple of swipes to get a creamy, foamy lather going. The smell is great too, like a fresh smell with a hint of sweetness due to the beer in it.


In terms of cleaning, it cleaned my scalp very well without stripping my hair or making it stiff! The first time I used it, I did have to use an ACV rinse afterwards, but that’s expected if your hair hasn’t been exposed to shampoo bars for a while.

I really like this bar and I can definitely see myself purchasing another bar from this shop in the future! It works great with my hair and scalp and I recommend it as a starter shampoo bar for people who have never used shampoo bars before!

You can check out her shop’s website and Facebook page below! Until next time, everyone!


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