7/26/15 – Wanderlust Spirit Within Me

Have you ever had this dream of having very little possessions and money? Where you only have a duffel bag or suitcase filled with what little belongings you have and not being tied down by materialism? Having the freedom to travel by bus, trainhopping or carpooling to wherever your destinations are and recording your adventures with a small camera or camcorder?

Yeah, me too. In fact, I dream about this lifestyle more than often.

It started when I graduated high school in June of 2011 and was thrust into being homeless in Memphis, TN in the last half of 2011. Before that time, I reduced the amount of clothes I had, the amount of possessions I had and managed to stuff as much as I could into one bag.

Ever since then, I’ve always enjoyed being able to travel to different areas with very little stuff and see the different sights. I even recorded my time in Memphis by taking a lot of photos with a small Olympus Stylus 600 camera. How’s that for a traveler?

So why am I rambling and telling you all of this?

To be honest, I never wanted to be rich, wealthy or live in some fancy McMansion with butlers and servers and maids catering to me. I never wanted to have the fanciest car, the largest outdoor swimming pool or the expensive designer-brand clothes just so I could keep up with little Billy, Sally, Joe and their parents Mr and Mrs. Jones.

No, hear me out before you get offended. You see, I’ve never considered the wealthy lifestyle because I didn’t desire the fortune. I desired the thrills of adventure. I wanted the excitement that came with stepping off a boat or plane into a unique culture away from the one I’m used to.

I wanted a lifestyle revolving entirely around the art of traveling.

I’ve admired vagabonds, couch surfers, van dwellers and the like who threw away almost everything to be free from the confinements of society. Those people amaze me every time and I made it up in my mind to one day do something similar to what they did.

But for now, I’ll continue to survive the city life, pay down my debt and prepare for the journey lying within my dreams. . .

5 thoughts on “7/26/15 – Wanderlust Spirit Within Me

  1. These people have always amazed me too. They are rich in experiences and filled with stories of adventure. I have always enjoyed the comfort of living in my own skin and the lifestyle that most prefer is not the life that brings me joy.


    1. I agree. I see all of these wealthy people out here and I can’t help but wonder: Are they really happy with all the material possessions they have?

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      1. It’s sad. You can’t take all that with you when you die. Which would you rather be: the person with the fanciest clothes, toys and house? Or the person filled with stories about cultures, adventures and meeting new people?

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